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A Dean-centric
h/c comment fic & art meme

Banner courtesy of kalliel


Brittle by schmerzerling (4 parts)
pre-series/teen!chesters; asthmatic!Dean
Dean is struggling to be the hunter his dad wants him to be, his asthma is bad and he is trying the best he can but his lungs just won't co-operate. Having him need to go to hospital would be awesome too :)

[untitled] by amberdreams
Demon!Dean; S9/10
ART. Demon!Dean injured and trapped in the bunker, and Dean impaled through the leg/arm

The things we lost by yohkobennington
Sam/Dean, R; Suicide Ideation, Eating Issues, Alcohol Abuse. Depression
The process to cure demon!Dean was successful, but it leaves Dean a shell of his former self. He still can't eat, even though his body really needs it now, and the effects are drastic.

A Rolling Stone by amberdreams
Dean gets sick in the middle of a hunt. He's feverous, nauseaous, headachy but refuses to rest "because people are dying Sammy, i can't just leave them." Something happens to Dean on the hunt because he refused to stop and rest.

The Kindness of Strangers by grasshopr_molly
Dean, Sam, Cas; angst, h/c; R; NON-CON, victim-(self)blaming, S8
--Years ago, Dean was drugged and raped. Now, a horrified Sam/Cas finds out and wants to confront the attacker. Dean just wants to leave the trauma in the past.
--Sammy's at Stanford, John's doing his own thing, so the only person to say 'happy birthday' to Dean is an ER nurse (too bad he isn't conscious)

Stasis by quadrant_of_sky (2 parts)
Set sometime after 9x07, Dean, Sam
I've prompted this before, but I would really, really adore a fanwork based off of this short piece by Jason Novak: For A.M.. Daddy issues, depression, suicide/suicidal ideation, addiction/substance abuse, self-esteem issues, abandonment issues, altered states, generally questionable life decisions--I'm game for anything and everything, be it pre-series or post-S9.

Cast No Shadow by anon
Sam and Dean, gen, PG-13
As a demon, Dean feels better than ever. He isn't burdened by guilt, and without any ethical qualms, he's become an even better hunter. He's the most at peace he's ever been. He doesn't want to be human again. The only problem is that Sam refuses to let this be what it is, even though he knows being human will burden Dean all over again.

Rabbit Heart by wildiblue (7 parts)
Sam and Dean, PG-13, rabbit violence
Dean getting hurt by the things that are supposed to bring him comfort. You know, like, him getting food poisoning from the greasy burgers he likes so much. Getting his fingers slammed in the Impala's trunk and breaking them badly. Getting a tooth or two knocked out by the samulet. NEARLY CHOKING TO DEATH ON PIE.
Alternatively, all of the above - and more - happens. It might be a curse. FUCKING WITCHES.

untitled by dizimart
ART. Soooooo I just watched an ep of smth else, with one of the characters receiving a severe beating to the torso. And the aftermath of that would be a good look on Dean too, amirite? XD Moving around gingerly, clutching his chest, every motion hurts, multi-colored bruises... That kinda thing. Might work for art as well? :D

Ordinary Man by sloeginfizzle (5 parts)
possible hypothermia
Something involving the line: "SOMEONE GET THIS MAN A BLANKET!" This man being Dean, in case that wasn't clear by... you know... what this meme is.

Barn Burning by kalliel
Takes place between 7x08 "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding" and 7x09 "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters." Warning: other hurt characters.
So I can't be the only one who hoped for more from Dean's broken leg after 7x02! That thing was BRO-KEN. And he needed Sam to carry him. And he removed his cast early. And CRUTCHES. But not even a slight limp for the remainder of the ep? Come on!

So here's the prompt: Dean suffers late complications after breaking his leg. During a hunt with Sam, and the car is far away. (leg susceptible to being re-broken after a trip/landing from jump? weather conditions causes pain and limp? residual weakness in leg causes delayed reaction time causes injury? etc up to choice!)

Want Dean in pain and with mobility issues but conscious and snarky! GEN PLEASE.

Not as Fine as I Seem by gone_ashore
Migraines. That's it. That's the prompt.

I'll love you forever for Stanford era, with no Sammy and thundercloud John, and the Impala being the only 'person' that Dean can seek comfort in.

Untitled by anonymous
I've been aching for some epileptic Dean and caring Ellen. So I guess I will combine the two for a prompt :)

Set season 2 after John's death. Dean has had epilepsy since he was a child, but it has been very well controlled in his adulthood, and it has been years since he has had a seizure. But the stress from John's death and the car crash takes its toll on Dean, and he suffers a severe seizure while at the Roadhouse. Ellen and Jo are frantic, and assume he has had a head injury, and Sam explains to them about the epilepsy. Bonus points if Sam carries him to Ellen's bed afterwards and Ellen helps take care of him as he recovers.

No Pie in Purgatory by little_creek96
S8, Purgatory/post-Purgatory issues
Please please please can someone do Dean with claustrophobia? Maybe after clawing his way out of a coffin in Lazarus Rising he has a problem with enclosed spaces? Or maybe after Purgatory he has trouble in crowds?

Halfway House by absenthe_wrae
I would love to see Castiel as a foster parent or guardian or mentor for a troubled little Dean (& Sam, or not) with their same weird/intense bond, but in a gen way. :D?

Hell Hath No Fury by procrastin8or9 (5 parts)
Dean is grabbed by one of the cults who got orders from Zachariah back in s5. They try and make him say yes to Micheal by a combination of starvation, abuse and sleep deprivation. By the time Cas and Sam find Dean, he's almost broke, and part of him seems to think he's back in hell, still refusing to say yes to Alistair.

Untitled by sparkle_elf
S8, Purgatory, Dean + Benny
Dean takes a knife (or a bullet, or a curse, or whatever else painful thing you like) for someone else (Sam, Bobby, Kevin, Jodie, whoever really, I'm not picky!). The person takes care of him and wonders at Dean's natural inclination to protect others, even at the expense of himself.
Any season. Vague prompt is vague. :p

I don't know (that it'll be all right) by marieincolour
I loved Bad Boys and Sonny so much. How about a fic that takes place back when Dean was staying with him as a teenager? Dean is sick, and Sonny looks after him like John never did. And maybe some of the other boys pitch in to help too.

Blood Turns Black by procrastin8or9
Dean is kidnapped (by a monster, or human, whatever) *favourite thing one*, hurt (bonus points for non-con) and then dumped out in the snow. Sam (bonus points for Cas too) finds him but not before hypothermia starts to set in. Cue protective!Sammy *favourite thing two* wrapping Dean up with added bed-sharing *favourite thing three*. Extra bonus points for confused!panicky!Dean waking up not knowing where he is after the rescue.

Black-Eyed Dean by beesandbrews
self-harm, S3
In a fit of self-loathing, Dean engages in some therapeutic mirror-smashing and bloodies his hand. Sam takes it pretty lightly at first, says something like, “Geez, Dean, you’re not that bad-looking!” but sobers up when Dean doesn’t laugh but instead buries his face in his hand and laments somehow that he doesn’t understand why he feels so completely awful about himself today (could be anything from a curse to a mood disorder to just having a really bad day), and Sam tries to make it better as he cleans his hand off. End on a hopeful note, with Dean feeling at least a little better. Bonus points if Dean doesn’t actually cry. Gen, please. :)

Fight Club by beesandbrews
pre-series (Dean is 21)
As an alternative to hooker fic, street fighter fic. Wherein Dean needs to earn some more money to keep him and Sam fed, and joins in some illicit underground street-fighting leagues that have cage fights with cash rewards, since he's pretty good at fighting anyway. He usually wins, and makes some decent money, but continually being pummeled by guys twice his size and twice his age starts to take a toll on him . . .

Practically Home by beesandbrews
Sam is at Stanford. John is off on a solo hunt somewhere. Dean is sick and feverish and all alone, and finds he just can't face the prospect of spending time in his dingy, lonely little motel room. He can't, okay? Not today. So he gets all the blankets he can find and snuggles up all warm and cozy in the Impala, because Baby is family and Baby is home, and Baby is all he has right now.

Forging a Sword by beesandbrews
Outsider POV on teenage Dean and his father. Could be anyone, but daddy issues, parentification, and the messed up dynamics of the Winchesters would be awesome!

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12 November 2013 @ 12:35 am

Hospitalized!Dean fic/art Week!
(November 11th – 18th)

[play] [prompt]

Banner courtesy of quickreaver

A brother worth remembering by giantslinky
Sam, Dean, S2: [amnesia/memory loss, concussion/head trauma, pneumothorax, surgery]
Dean falling from a small hill and hitting his head. He is injured badly and can't remember who or where he is.

The Peanut Butter Incident by i_speak_tongue
Sam, Dean and others, S9: [ abandonment issues, broken bone/fracture, concussion/head trauma, crying!dean, daddy issues, drugs (medical), emotional pain/hurt, fever, headache/migraine, hospitalization, nightmares/night terrors, pain, repressed memories]
In the hospital with some pretty extensive injuries, Dean learns that forgiveness comes in many shapes and sizes.

Convergence by tarotgal
Sam, Dean, pre-series: [warning: caretaker!dean], [warning: other hurt characters], cough, fever, hospitalization, sneezing] Sam’s sick. So sick the school nurse needs to send him home from school. But that’s okay with Sam because he feels lousy and knows Dean’s going to take care of him and make it better. Except that Dean doesn’t do that this time…

a little colder by kalliel
John, Mary, Dean, pre-series: [hospitalization, premature birth] The nursery is full of ghosts that have not yet lived, nor died.

Paint My World In Brighter Colors by giantslinky
Sam/Dean: [bed sharing, cough, crying!dean, fever, hospitalization, pneumonia, unconsciousness] As Dean's illness gets worse, Sam tries to help while the world darkens and pales around him..

Cockroaches by quadrant_of_sky
Dean, Sam, and a little of Crowley: [bipolar disorder, depression, drugs (psychiatric), hospitalization (psychiatric), insomnia, mental illness] In the morning, he takes a single pill and washes it down with coffee, black, just the way he likes it. Days of this, now, almost a week, and he doesn't know why he's still trucking along like it's going to fix anything. He knows better. Knows that it's hopeless, that even if he flooded his brain with chemicals, he would still be a mess up there.

The Road to Nebraska is Paved With Lies by cgmase
Dean, Sam, 1x12 "Faith": [heart attack, heart condition, hospitalization] There are exactly two things that Dean hates more than procedural cop shows. No talent d-bags who wear sunglasses at night and Sam’s bitch-face.

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